Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer 2

The dream team we’ve all been waiting for is finally happening!  With Deadpool & Wolverine slated to come out this July, we’ve got another teaser trailer on our hands offering a glimpse into the epicness of this long-awaited collaboration.  This movie has been jokingly dawned as “Deadpool saves the Marvel cinematic universe”.

Deadpool holds crossed katanas that reflect Wolverine's face.

We can’t wait to see what timeline jumping shanogans they get into.  Having Hugh Jackman back in the role as Wolverine is a treat in it of itself.  This movie is also going to be Disney’s first R rated Marvel film to date; no punches to be pulled here.  Deadpool will be viewed in all of his potty mouth, vulgar glory – as he should be!


Check out the BRAND NEW trailer below, kiddies avert your eyes – it’s explicit! 

Did you know Saturday AM has it’s very own Cross over event coming out this year too?? That’s right our massive multiverse crossover is coming this October!


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