I’m sitting here in my backyard with my dog trying to relax after a long weekend getting issues #32 of Saturday AM and #9 of Saturday PLUS out and it’s gorgeous day. The APPLE event for new iPhones, iPads and Apple TV’s is going on in the family room and I’m being reminded of some of the very reasons I started my company, MyFutprint and in turn, started SATURDAY AM.

It can be summed up in one very simple way: DIVERSITY MATTERS.

That’s it. Pretty succinct I know but it’s literally at the heart of why I started the company.

I have SO MUCH MORE TO SAY ON THAT but for right now–let’s just talk the DIVERSITY in our two magazines.


Saturday AM finally brings CLOCK STRIKER to the fore with a PILOT chapter special which runs from Issue #32 until #34. Cast is not just a kick-ass cool 12 yr old apprentice engineer (called STRIKERS) but she is also, manga webcomics and Saturday AM’s 1st BLACK FEMALE LEAD CHARACTER. With a legendary, if not odd, mentor named Clock — Cast is going to take on FANTASTIC adventures as the CLOCK STRIKER.

Ever since we debuted her in issue #24, CLOCK STRIKER has been incredibly popular. Now that she’s finally here–we know that you WILL LOVE HER. Likewise, get the behind the scenes scoop on the series, character and writing webcomics with an INTERVIEW with Saturday AM Publisher and CLOCK STRIKER creator, Frederick L. Jones.

ISLANDERS our hit manga webcomic from PILOT Manga alumni and Cuban Leonardo Massip wraps up the pivotal first battle against the crazed Navy Lieutenant Celia Reyes. It’s incredibly tough and brutal and the ending includes Turbino vs. Celia. If you love the humor, action and art of Leonardo’s excellent series then this installment will NOT disappoint you (and stay tuned at the end of the fight for a tease of the new arc).

Finally, did you get a NEW APPLE BLACK, SAIGAMI or Z FOREVER T-SHIRT? What–you didn’t know about our ALL-NEW MARKETPLACE? It’s an amazing STORE built to include the BEST MERCHANDISE from some of the indy comicbooks and webcomics’ hottest creators. It’s the EXCLUSIVE HOME FOR SATURDAY AM PRODUCTS. Learn about the store in an INTERVIEW with BULLY EATER creator (and Co-founder of Saturday AM) Raymond Brown!

Now, that’s a HELLUVA ISSUE for just $1.99 but it gets better…


Saturday PLUS #9 is FREE for Premium Subscribers or you can BUY IT with Saturday AM #32.

Saturday PLUS #9 is FREE for Premium Subscribers or you can BUY IT with Saturday AM #32.

SATURDAY PLUS was launched as our sister magazine that takes PILOT chapters (concepts) of potential series from completely brand-new creators and makes them available in a premium, unique presentation. Previously, we discovered two stunning new series COMET MAN by Frederick Ward and ISLANDERS by Leonardo Massip.

This latest round of PLUS now has three series vying to be turned into regular Saturday AM series. Cover feature OTOME LIFE is our first ROMANCE series and this issue continues the serialization from the Issue #8. Australian Regina Akora has not only offered a refreshing change of genre for our readers but she’s also offering more diversity with a lead male character from India. Bollywood, Otome games and romance manga—an awesome combination.

EXPLOSION JOE by Ayinde Hall brings a unique spy + superhero genre mashup that brings fun 80’s style manga art and a fun action story. If you love Artemis Fowl, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or Marvel movies–then you owe it to yourself to check out this cool new series.

CHAINED: [black] features stunning art by James A and it’s appropriate for this story which deals with a new interpretation of NORSE MYTHOLOGY. This issue brings the debut of a possible and very familiar… GOD??





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