New shonen manga XERO: KING OF THIEVES is from China and will debut in Issue 74

With Crunchyroll Expo happening last weekend, Saturday AM was pleased not just by our successful sales of TANKS and SUBSCRIPTIONS but by the reception our DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA received both by industry leaders and interested fans!

Our efforts began with the debut of ISSUE 72 (yes, 7 -2). This incredible issue not only continues our #countdownto75 but had some of our BIGGEST comics and creators like Whyt Manga!! The issue has not only an interview with the hotshot Nigerian artist but his APPLE BLACK has a kick-ass installment as well as the results of his popularity poll and first details on APPLE BLACK Vol. 2

The issue was rounded out by BULLY EATER, PARADISE DOWN, MUTTON CHOP, and a very special short story. Our #summerofmanga delivered many interesting new voices but few equaled the 63-yr old Cathy Hubbard’s the WATCHMAN! This imaginative sci-fi romance is the definition of unique and the author’s backstory adds fresh perspective to our growing diverse line-up.

Speaking of FRESH PERSPECTIVES – we had an amazing experience in SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA at the first ever CRUNCHYROLL EXPO. It was a truly FUN time (actually it was a helluva lot of work!) and a first for Crunchyroll, a first for Whyt, Raymond and Andrea (at In-n-Out burger) and a first for many big announcements.


Before participating in a DIVERSITY PANEL moderated by the famed Deb Aoki, Saturday AM revealed that our next new manga will be coming from CHINA! This quirky comic will be called XERO: KING OF THIEVES and looks fantastic! As for the country of origin, while the creator lives in China and has relatives there, he also is of Australian heritage and will use BOTH to bring a diverse new vision to our line-up. To think that, Saturday AM boasts creators from Australia to America, New Zealand to Nigeria and Nicaragua, and now CHINA – we’re just amazed at our growth over the past 3-years.

From left to right (Whyt Manga (Apple Black), Raymond Brown (Bully Eater), Frederick L. Jones (Publisher), and Andrea Otilia Voros (Saigami)

From left to right (Whyt Manga (Apple Black), Raymond Brown (Bully Eater), Frederick L. Jones (Publisher), and Andrea Otilia Voros (Saigami)

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