We’ve been so incredibly overwhelmed at the response of folks to our global manga webcomic brand. SATURDAY AM. When we envisioned a more DIVERSE answer to the awesome manga imprints like SHONEN JUMP — we had no idea that EXCLUSIVE series like BULLY EATER, ISLANDERS, Z FOREVER and SAIGAMI would help us to gain such a following.

Equally surprising has been the response to fans and new indie creators who wish to JOIN OUR REVOLUTION. Our PILOT Manga competition has become very popular and helped us not only DISCOVER promising new talent but to DEVELOP them into stronger comics creators.

You’ve heard of our NEWEST TEST OF SKILL for up and coming creators — the EDITOR’S CHALLENGE where our crew of intrepid EDITOR’S try new small and FUN contests to help creators hone their artistic chops BEFORE they enter the far more complicated — TEST FLIGHTSWell, that first one was for the budding WRITER’s online — now, we’ve got one for the ARTISTS and the best part…

it features a little series called:



Are you an aspiring comic artist but you are not ready to enter a test flight yet? Are you looking for a challenge to improve your art and the chance to get some feedback from our editing team? Well this is your chance! Welcome to the first monthly EDITOR’S CHOICE CHALLENGE FOR ARTIST!

Every month we will give you ten days to produce a single comic page or illustration that will challenge different technical aspects. During the review of the entries there will be recommendations for improvement to help you further your art skills. Ready to get started?

January 2016 rules:

  • You have 10 days to produce 1 illustration depicting Whyt Manga´s latest character design, Sano Arodihs.

  • Extra point for using difficult action poses or extreme perspectives. 

  • Extra point for using this version of Sano WITH another Saturday AM character — hero or villain.

  • Extra point for creating an amazing background.

  • Extra point for using color (i.e. watercolor, copic, digital etc)

  • IMAGE must be no more than 2MB in size

  • IMAGE must be saved as a file name: “Yournameedchjan2016.jpg”

  • IMAGE must be sent as a .jpg or .png to via

  • You may NOT use your own characters in this image.

  • ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY FEBRUARY 1st, 2016 11:59pm EST

Not sure how the character looks like? No problem, have a look at this video where Whyt Manga himself shows you how to do it: 

January 2016 prizes:

  • The winner will get a basic 5$ subscription to Saturday AM.

  • Every participant will get one free Saturday AM issue (#40 with ALL-NEW APPLE BLACK or #41 — our return issue).

Up to the Challenge?



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