Saturday AM profiled by EXITEVENT and Google Fiber

As you may or may not know, our digital, DIVERSE, Shonen Manga anthology (featuring EXCLUSIVE series like APPLE BLACK, SAIGAMI, CLOCK STRIKER and more) produces 20 issues a year (!!) of original action comics!

After our 20th issue, we also take off the first 6 weeks of the year to recharge and enjoy a little downtime over the holidays. This year, that downtime has resulted in some great new opportunities which are a precursor to what we hope will be our BIGGEST YEAR EVER!

While we’ve been working to lock down our very first advertiser as well as our very first mobile application (so that our many fans can enjoy our comics more efficiently) — getting more EXPOSURE to our brand, creators and mission is an essential goal. So, you can imagine how proud we were to be featured in a video profile by EXITEVENT (a great site profiling startups and the changing landscape of the Triangle area within North Carolina)!!

What’s even better is that we were mentioned in a PRESS CONFERENCE in support of a new phase of GOOGLE FIBER’s rollout in the Raleigh-Durham area. Watch the video below (yes, it was recorded in Frederick L. Jones’ house and you can see the dog running around 馃槈

So, this week is turning into something GREAT!

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