APP UPDATE for Saturday AM


It’s our second week and our NEW SATURDAY AM Mobile App continues to EVOLVE!

In the SUBSCRIBERS LIBRARY we’ve added Saturday AM issues #69 – #74.

You can look forward to our experimental MMWOG light novel, installments of SOUL BEAT and SAIGAMI, and short series: Z Forever, Shonen Champion Tora – to name a few. These are normally $.99 per issue but you get ALL of these plus future issues as a subscriber.

In the STORE VAULT EXCLUSIVELY, you get CRUNCH TIME and BOI Retro issues – which are original COLLECTIONS of the 1st few chapters of these amazing series! New art, new content, and a stylish new package make these issues a STEAL for just $2.99 per issue. Don’t hunt for the early chapters of these series – JUST PURCHASE THEM in the store.


Lastly, Saturday PM #8 is coming to the app for SUBSCRIBERS and it’ll contain all-new installments of MATURE DIVERSE SEINEN series like UNDERGROUND, CODENAME: VILLAIN and the KILLER DEBUT of 4STRIKES by Blake Showers and Dawill! Normally $2.99 an issue but this is included in the subscriber features.



SUBSCRIBE to our NEW MOBILE APP for just $3.99/mo or $36/yr and access content on your Android device, iPhone and/or iPad, or Amazon Fire tablet.

Stay tuned for NEXT WEEK as we continue to add new elements such as SUBSCRIBER login, Saturday AM presents: FANART FRIDAY #2 and more!

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