Founder’s BDay means FREEBIES

Art by Leonardo Massip of ISLANDERS fame!

Art by Leonardo Massip of ISLANDERS fame!

As I sit here snowed in on my 42nd birthday, I wanted to make something special happen this day for those of you who have been so important to me over these past few year. After all, thanks to you we’ve taken Saturday AM and turned it into a rapidly growing and incredibly popular brand of webcomics, print graphic novels and merchandise.

How to do that?

  • Well, I could talk about the history of MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC and how I started this company based on my experiences in the gaming industry.

  • I could discuss some of the plans we have in 2016 to help us become one of the more popular brands in webcomics — beyond just action-based global manga.

  • I could discuss what it’s like to work with such talent as Raymond Brown of BULLY EATER, Andrea Voros of SAIGAMI or the insanely popular Whyt Manga of APPLE BLACK fame not to mention the discoveries we’ve made along the way of folks like Frederick Ward of COMET MAN and Bastian and Fong’s REMEDIUM+ –i.e. if I did…then I’d have to explain how Leo’s picture is technically incorrect because trust me any job where you are trying to corral such strong personalities is like being President of the United States…it ages you, folks!

Instead, I think I’ll just offer FREE COMICS for my birthday including APPLE BLACK from Issue #40!

Get THIS ISSUE for FREE!! Read Below!

Get THIS ISSUE for FREE!! Read Below!

Not just any FREE COMICS either but those connected to comics that I’ve actually created or helped produce.

Why is this important? Well, we WANT MORE READERS (it never stops 馃槈 and likewise, these series are really important for us as they continue the MISSION I had when I started this company:


Bringing more creators and CHARACTERS of diverse backgrounds to manga webcomics has always been the key thing that separates us from many other webcomic and manga brands and that has been one reason that we’ve seen such amazing support from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and so on.

Here are the core titles that I assisted with and/or debuted in 2015.

  • CLOCK STRIKER – our first Black female lead character which may be one of the first in Shonen history. Art by the amazing Rekse!

  • MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA – a slightly older, ecchi-ish series with a group of ethnically and realistic teenage characters (something very different for manga which has gone far too emo and odd in the last 20 years). Art by the amazing Christopher Krady!

  • NO To HEAVEN our first HORROR title starring a Dominican female lead character with a very diverse cast including our first LGBT characters. Art by the amazing William Brodie!

  • ISLANDERS – created by Leonardo Massip and starring several Latino and Afro-Cuban characters.

The BEST PART of our MISSION and of this list of series is that it’s allowed us to discover talented diverse creators like Leonardo Massip, William Brodie and Christopher Krady all from ONE PLACE! 

Our PILOT Manga community has revolutionized how companies DISCOVER and DEVELOP new comic talent and our track record is pretty damn good! We’re just getting started with it and hope to PUBLISH even more unique diverse creators in 2016!

So, how to get your FREE COMICS?

Use Offer Code:


CLICK HERE for the COVER GALLERY of our Back-Issues

This FREE ISSUE CODE covers just the following issues of Saturday AM:

30, 32, 34, 35, 38, 39 and 40

So, say it with me:


-Frederick L. Jones

Publisher, Saturday AM

**Offer is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE — CODE IS ONLY GOOD FOR SO MANY USES so good luck and tell your friends–we want EVERYONE to experience our little manga revolution, SATURDAY AM! 

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