GET FREE SATURDAY AM—we’re serious!!

While its been well over a year since the global shonen manga anthology, SATURDAY AM was launched–we are celebrating the 1-yr anniversary of our serious webcomic amateur community, PILOT Manga

The community has been a pretty amazing experience with talented newcomers appearing from all over the world, usually for the first time! It’s given us some great creators like Philippa Borman, Cthulu Hernandez, Leonardo Massip and Frederick Ward — to name just a few.

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Well over 300 people have joined out little group with far more people having requested membership (and yes, some of them are spam or inappropriate profiles) and quite a few have gone on to produce their own works separate from Saturday AM.

And what’s fun is the knowledge that a lot of this came from Whyt Manga, Raymond Brown, Wally Nguyen and Frederick L. Jones’ efforts to build a revolutionary little digital manga anthology.

That’s why we’re going to offer a special deal!

GET SEASON PACK 1 — which contains issues #1 – #5 for FREE!

See how it all began!

We’re giving away 50 of them!

Likewise, get issue #29 (our most recent before #30 hits tomorrow) for FREE!

We’re giving away 50 of them as well!

Amazing right???

We know!!


Both will have the offer code buried within a post — so follow us. Find the code and go from there.

We’ll be running the codes over the next 4 hrs or whenever 50 codes have been used for either free product.

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