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Yes, a few of our fans have guessed our newest Manga sensation–and we apologize for the deception on our Facebook Fan Page (although we did say we would LOVE TO CONFIRM –we just didn’t say we wouldn’t) but we wanted this moment to be special for ALL OF OUR FANS. Mythallica Lux Nova is a bit of a mystical quantity. Similar to Whyt Manga’s debut with Apple Black concept art years ago, Mikhail Dingle has teased (and tortured) his many fans with glimpses of his work–hinting at a potential debut for some time now. Many wondered if it would EVER be released.

When we finally had a chance to talk to him about Saturday AM we were overjoyed that this major talent and new voice in manga webcomics wanted us to be his EXCLUSIVE HOME. After pulling in our original team of Wally Nguyen and Raymond Brown to then add Andrea Otilia Voros and the team behind Race! On!—Mikhail simply makes us an even stronger team. 

We wanted to share our excitement by giving our first OFFICIAL INTERVIEW with him. Expect more interviews and previews of this major new work over the next few months.


Saturday AM: Your artwork has an amazing sense of detail in everything from your backgrounds to your machinery while offering soft, clean line-work for your characters…a rare and difficult skill level. What creators influenced you?  

Mikhail Dingle: I have been influenced by many artists inside and out of the manga/comic community. There are so many cool elements and techniques from artists, that don’t regularly work in the comics field, that I try to bring to my own work. Growing up though, I was always attracted to art that was clean and crisp. Artwork that, even when hand-drawn, looked and felt animated as I read it. Frankly, I’m not sure if too many people are familiar with the MAD style of animation. Y’know, it’s that style you see in some (cartoon) episodes where the animators go all out with awesome depictions of battle or action between characters. I used to look up videos on Youtube of MAD style animators and get so inspired. But if I had to choose some major influences…I would have to say a few. Akira Toriyama; Masashi Kishimoto; Eiichiro Oda; Tite Kubo; James Jean; Takeshi Obata; Yusuke Murata; Oh Great; Oku Hiroya; Yoon; Joon-shik Kim; Dong-Hoon and Yuuki Yugo are just a few names that come to mind when thinking of manga that has influenced the way I work. Of course, the big dogs at Disney and Marvel were definitely an inspiration growing up. Ultimately, if I had to pick a major source of my inspiration that shows in my work, It would have to be Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Saturday AM: Dayam! That’s a helluva list Mikhail–I thought you were going to keep naming people like Michelangelo, Jack Kirby…lol. Okay, with such powerful influences please tell us about your work, Mythallica Lux Nova?  

Mikhail Dingle: I want to make something clear that I’m not sure I have done in the past: ‘Mythallica’ is the name of the universe that the story takes place in. ‘Lux Nova’ is the name of the story. Much like the Marvel Universe, Mythallica is the source that will spawn many amazing characters and adventures that take place throughout the cosmos. Lux Nova tells the story from the perspective of two boys whose people, the Solarian, have stood on the outskirts of an intergalactic warfare being waged between the Hyperion Regime and the ruthless guerrilla leader: Void. But when young boys, Aether and Caelum, are separated from their Solarian tribe, their only hope of getting back to them is to join the battle. Along the way, they discover fascinating worlds, and powerful allies to assist them on their quest to find their home. But what they discover instead, is greater than anything they could have ever imagined. Lux Nova is set in a universe where Sci-fi meets fantasy, featuring a unique and vast collection of characters, creatures, and locations. I think the readers will really enjoy the variations of culture and ethnicities/species featured in the story. There will be a character that hopefully every reader can relate to.

Saturday AM: Given that the digital age is upon us — do you see yourself more as a digital artist or a traditional artist? Would you rather Mythallica be released as a traditional print comic or does digital appeal to you? 

Mikhail Dingle: I never like to categorize myself in a specific genre or method of working. Personally, I feel it limits the artist and puts them in a box or comfort zone that not many people are able to break out of. I would like to think that I can do anything related to the arts. It’s just that, like most people, I have not tried to do it yet nor have I committed as much time to it like I have say my digital works. Luckily a lot of what I learned traditionally I have been able to translate into my digital work, and vice versa. As far as printing Mythallica, I’m not sure. I supposed the purpose of this all is to get the story out there so people can read it so I am open to whichever platform will make that happen most efficiently. But I am sure that there are many people out there who will want a hard copy for themselves.

Saturday AM: Finally (for now at least), where do you see yourself in 4 years? Still doing Mythallica Lux Nova (we hope!) or working in comics or animation? 

Mikhail Dingle: I most certainly still see myself working on Mythallica. There is so much that I NEED to show within the story that would likely go over the next 5-7 years or so. But considering I have been working on it for about 7 years now, It’s only expected that the story itself would be extensive. But I most certainly see myself breaking in the animation and video game industries. I have always had a love for film and television as a medium of telling stories, and now that video games are basically movies that you play, I certainly see myself working in those industries in the near future.

Saturday AM: That’s all for now folks–but stay tuned cuz you ain’t seen nothing yet!

-Frederick L. Jons

Publisher, Saturday AM

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