Hammer V4: The Jungle Kingdom is OUT!!

Call Tarzan and Jane people, we are swinging into the Jungle Kingdom!

Thats right! Hammer V4: The Jungle Kingdom is out now! The battle between Stud and the Jungle King Elephante continues! A battle of braun and wits! According to the grapevine, this is Jeyodin’s most brutal volume yet!

We also have a nice sneak peek of our interview with the man of the hour himself Jeyodin – straight from Saturday AM issue 161!


You are on your fourth volume of your comic, how does it feel?

“YES! To be honest, it is sort of surreal.

Originally I always envisioned volume 4 as a different arc entirely, but I guess that just goes to show you, nothing will ever go 100% according to plan. I’m just really glad that I have 4 volumes of this series currently out, and I hope I can continue with more volumes in the future.”


Creating four volumes of a story, art and plot lines is it hard? You make it look so easy.

“Haha, well Luckily I’ve had editorial help getting some ideas from the CEO, Frederick L Jones, as well as another editor, Austin Harvey. The hardest part was moving things around to create a more engaging and interesting story, but drawing it all was the fun part.

Unfortunately when I was drawing this book I had an injured wrist and another book I was working on, but fortunately have a pretty good work ethic and was able to manage my time well enough to complete both books before my deadlines.”

Check out the full inteview in the latest issue of Saturday AM Magazine RIGHT HERE

You’d better collect the first three volumes like Yu-gi-oh cards from this enigma of an artist!

This is our last drop of the year! You don’t want to miss it!



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