HAMMER Volume 4 Fan Art Contest!

Exciting news everyone! As we gear up for the release of HAMMER Volume 4 on December 5th, Jeyodin is hosting a Fan Art Contest to celebrate this milestone. Get ready to showcase your creativity and win some fantastic prizes!

How to Qualify:

To qualify for the contest and stand a chance to win a signed copy of Volume 4 along with an original drawing from Jeyodin, here are the two options:

Option A:

Draw my character, Stud Hammer, using a different tool other than a Hammer as his power.

Option B:

Create your own Metal Fighter showcasing their power in the fan art, but they cannot use a Hammer for their power.


馃 Grand Prize: Signed copies of Volume 3 & 4 + an Original Drawing.

馃 2nd Place: Signed copy of Volume 4 + an Original Drawing.

馃 3rd Place: Signed copy of Volume 4.

How to Enter:

Tag @jeyodin, and @saturday_am on either Twitter (X) or Instagram with the hashtag #HammerVolume4contest **make sure to enter before December 5th.**

Winner Announcement:

Jeyodin will reveal the winners and showcase all the incredible fan art during a live session on his YouTube channel during the weekend of the 9th. Stay tuned to his Twitter聽for specific details on the time and date!

Also don’t forget to check out 4 step guide to creating your very own comic. A hefty 40-page PDF/ebook that goes through several tips and tricks broken down into 4 easy steps to help you get that story out of your head.




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