HEROESCON is in 72 hrs but you can go NOW!

SIR CRAZY LOT (Beverly Toole) AND WHYT MANGA??  See them both this weekend!

In less than 72 hours, SATURDAY AM WILL BE ROCKING HEROESCON in Charlotte, NC!

June 20th – June 23rd!!


Heroescon is coming this Friday and we NEED YOUR HELP!

DONATE money to help us have the type of show we want to have for fans—including new posters and prints we’d like to create for the Heroescon crowd. Obviously it’s late but we’d love your help to off-set the cost as quickly as possible.

The best part?

The way we intend to do that is by offering EXCLUSIVE IMAGES from one of webcomics online strongest creators, WHYT MANGA!

  • $5.00 donation and Whyt Manga will reach you on a future Youtube video.

  • $10 B/W Headshot.

  • $20 B/W Full body sketch–whoever you want.

BATMAM by WHYT MANGA — get your Whyt Manga custom image today!!


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