MARCH 2021

Saturday AM discusses HOW MANGA can become ANIME in Japan!

Since launching the diverse manga movement in 2013, Saturday AM has remained the leader in the DIVERSE MANGA movement despite being now populated by more publishing groups than ever.

What makes Saturday AM unique has always been two things:

A. our commitment to DIVERSITY ala we’re a black-owned but not a ‘black’ company (i.e.our creator-owned series feature all sorts of cultural identities and orientations.)

B. we’re experienced and thus, PATIENT.

The second one is ULTRA CRITICAL to our success. Far too often on the internet, it is possible (if not inescapable) that TROLLS will spread misinformation out of boredom, clout chasing, or plain jealousy. To many of them (often inexperienced and lacking any legitimate stats) these individuals will attempt to argue that Saturday AM is not a success because we lack what they claim is necessary to be successful.

What is that you ask?

To trolls one MUST have an ANIME to be a success. This ignores over 90 years of comicbook history but nevermind the facts…

They claim that Saturday AM should have had an anime in just 8 years while ignoring that few other companies at our level have multiple series like us with two or more graphic novel volumes for sale (Apple Black and Saigami), over 150 issues of manga anthologies, and a number of partnerships and licensing including CLIP STUDIO PAINT, SAKURA, and JABBERWOCKY TOYS.

Oh, and the anime in 8 years? Aside from some truly once in a lifetime situations such as TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (comic debuted in 84 and their cartoon in 1987) — very few independent comic properties have gotten an animated adaptation (much less an ANIME one) in less than a decade.

The rush from some young artists to make a 30 second animated event starring their character has never been something we’ve concerned ourselves with.


Because, if people are not reading your manga then they are not going to watch your show.

We’re a MANGA publisher not an animation studio. Perhaps others make comics to make anime, toys, and videogames — but Saturday AM will always focus on making entertaining comics and if it ends up in other forms — that’s great.

ANIME is EXPENSIVE and thus, one must do it the right way. Partnerships, a large audience, and decent stories — will be key factors in getting a classic style anime made that looks like DEMON SLAYER, JUJUTSU KAISEN, or ATTACK ON TITAN. Unless you DO want an EX-ARM anime or a HANNA BARBERA style cartoon (nothing wrong with either by the way!)

If you want GREAT ANIME studios like MAPPA working on your property— you have to be worth the investment.

Saturday AM will do animation one day but we’ll do it our way.

If we get it right, much like our MAGAZINE, APP, and BRAND — we’ll have history on our side because we will have made it.

And as the kids say, that’s NO CAP.

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