Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your seats, because ICv2 has launched its annual Manga Week event, and it’s going to be EPIC! That’s right, we’re talking special manga content, market reports, tips, news, and interviews, all in one place! And guess what, it’s sponsored by the one and only VIZ Media, Yen Press, Tokyopop, and that’s right our very own Saturday AM! Can you believe it?!

Saturday AM: A Decade of Quality Manga and Inclusivity

Saturday AM was featured today via a ICV2 article highlighting our continued effort to introduce diversity into the world of Manga.

“Saturday AM was born as a vehicle for new properties that would enable us to capture the look of the classic comic book anthology magazines and, likewise, recreate the aesthetic and FEEL of manga by serializing content on a bi-weekly basis.  In our 10th year, we will publish the first-ever black female hero–led Shonen manga in Clock Striker, which saw its first volume released last month; a pre-teen orphan determined to prove to her peers that she is in fact a god from Norse mythology (Gunhild, April); a Kaiju-battling gay man whose city’s future rests on his shoulders (Henshin, July); a street-savvy martial arts expert whose Olympic dreams are put on hold in favor of revenge (Underground, July); and a 1970s soul brother and pro boxer who will fight the Devil himself (Soul Beat, October)!”

Read the Full Article Here

We’re super pumped for the coming year! Can’t wait to share all the awesome manga series we have in store with our fans!

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