SEINEN INFLUENCES? Saturday PM has got them!

So, EVERYBODY knows that Saturday AM, the World’s MOST DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA COMICS ANTHOLOGY, was INSPIRED by Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump.

Yep, we truly admire the works of great Japanese manga-ka like Kishimoto, Oda, & Toriyama as much as we appreciate the stories of Naruto, One Piece, and Dragonball respectively.

The weekly format as well meant that the flow of stories could offer more possibilities with pacing and character development that we sought to mimic even that via our bi-weekly schedule. It’s hard and few have even matched us (most stopped doing a magazine or went out of business entirely after issue 2).

Trust us, you don’t get to issue 100 in 5 years by working anything less than bi-weekly. Our belief that manga is as much about substance as it is style has maintained us through every issue of Saturday AM. Likewise, we always believed in maintaining our SHONEN goals and therefore only focused on delivering content appropriate for teenage audiences (and the “kids at heart” like me).

Recently, we introduced RANKINGS and SUBMIT. These new features allow us to even adopt the processes by which we may both determine serialization as well as discover new series.

Well, it may NOT SHOCK YOU – that our SISTER PUBLICATON – Saturday PM has equal inspirations. In Japan, SEINEN manga means OLDER BOY or YOUNG MAN. While violence and sexuality have different norms in Asia than they do in the West, we consider SEINEN as being MATURE STORIES with MATURE PROTAGONISTS (no pre-teen protagonists). And there’s just no SEINEN MANGA MAGAZINES better than Shueisha’s WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP (and ULTRA JUMP and GRAND JUMP respectively).

Some of our fave SEINEN manga include works like GANTZ, TOKYO GHOUL, & GOLDEN KAMUY -to name a few. And while PM is only at issue 5, we’re already incredibly happy with the reception to unique DIVERSE series as BACASSI, YELLOW STRINGER, and UNDERGROUND (to name a few).

If you want to learn what series INSPIRED our PM creators — then go check out their stories:


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