WANT TO WORK WITH SATURDAY AM? Internships starting NOW!

Our INTERNSHIP program is HERE!

The MOST ASKED QUESTION these past five years has been “CAN I WORK WITH SATURDAY AM?”

intership saturday.png

Well, we are still too small to hire folks outright right now BUT as we have broken through so many barriers with our 100th issue – we are moving into the areas that we need more EXPERIENCED MANPOWER. We are VERY EXCITED to FINALLY have a chance to GET REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE!

These are going to be possibly a tad more profound experiences than a traditional internship at a bigger company as this is NO COFFEE RUN type of stuff. You’ll help us plan, organize, promote and unleash some big projects for our diverse manga comics anthology.

Saturday AM, Saturday PM, March ART Madness, SUMMEROFMANGA and more are going to be elements that you will assist on all while learning from major talent like Andrea Voros!

Individuals will need to be QUALIFIED so this is going to be for college students and/or individuals currently working in or near their respective fields.

Need more details? Watch the video — otherwise — APPLY BELOW!!!

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