Interview w/March Art Madness 2022 Winner: Abdillustrates

March Art Madness concluded not too long ago, the bold and the determined, all went head to head to be crowned the winner. It was a tough battle but our winner for March Art Madness 2022 is the incredible Alex Brennan-Dent also known by his artist name Abdillustrates. Let’s dive into what our newest winner has to say about his experience.

Congrats on winning March Art Madness! You beat the odds and came up on top. How do you feel as of right now?
I still can’t believe it honestly! After five weeks of toughing it out against such awesome artists, it still feels so surreal to think about getting first place – it’s really humbling.

What are your goals for this year with your new art tool?
I have a handful of personal projects that I’m finally gonna be able to dedicate some proper time to, now that I’ll be able to take a proper digital art tool on-the-go with me!

What’s next for you?
I’m back to my day job making YouTube videos at the moment, but I’m really looking forward to getting on with those personal projects I mentioned alongside that day-to-day work! Comics, animation, writing – I’m super excited!

Will you enter again for the next March Madness next year?
If I’ve recovered from this one by then, haha! It was a real thrill to take part in a tournament like MAM, so I know it’d be a ton of fun to compete again someday.

What advice could you give newcomers who want to be in your position for next year’s MAM?
Make sure you really consider the purpose behind each week’s prompt and factor it into your artwork, even if it seems on the surface like something you’d have no idea how to start working on!

Will you be entering Summer of Manga 2022?
Not this year, but I’ve definitely got it in mind for further in the future! (and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the stories that get submitted this time around)

Last one, what was your favorite piece of art you completed for MAM? What was the process like?
Honestly, probably my final round piece! I’ve never turned around such a character-packed piece in such a short time – let alone with so many lighting effects and color palettes to balance and consider – I’m really proud of all the pieces I made for MAM, for many reasons, but that one feels extra special.


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