PILOT Manga VS. ..is ready….FIGHT!

Introducing PILOT Manga VS.

What is it?

An art contest that pits one artist against another in a way that only Saturday AM can envision.

Why ANOTHER art contest?

We have PILOT Manga TEST FLIGHT which is our Monthly competition that explores manga creators competing to create an original manga that we will test out in our publications. That contest is all about simulating the comics creation dilemma: creating for consumption; deadlines; plotting; character design and effective presentation. 

It’s a difficult competition and is stressful (as is actually creating a comicbook) and may not be a good fit for those who enjoy drawing but do not want to actually create long-form fiction. 

Hence why we created VS.

That’s fine but with Mark Crilley, Evan Burse’s Cartoon Block on Youtube and Sketch Dailies on Twitter–what does your contest possibly do that’s different?

We feel that artists like to judge themselves against each other and competition is one of those things that can be extremely fun and educational. So we designed VS. to include those two elements while removing some of the negative things that can come from judging someone’s work.

VS. operates like a fighting game.

We choose a theme and artists will create their image based on that. There is a timeline to produce the image and then we pair off artists against one another to be judged by the public, their peers and the creators of Saturday AM and Afternoon Web-X.

That sounds basic–what’s the fighting game inspiration like?

Creators will be able to send multiple version of their art ala cross-hatching, digital color, painting, copic markers, gray-tone and more to effectively COMBO their opponents with different art techniques. This will allow for scores (POINTS COMING SOON) to accrue in their favor vs. another artist.

COOL! Who can enter?

Everyone! You do NOT have to be a member of the PILOT Manga group. That said, if you submit offensive works (no nudity, sex, graphic violence, religious or racist imagery) you will be banned from the competition. This should be FUN and POSITIVE FOR EVERYONE just like Saturday AM.

Will Saturday AM creators WHYT MANGA or ANDREA VOROS compete as well?

They will show up—but it will NOT be in the way you expect. More details soon.

What can you win?

I think the question will be what can you achieve? Free subscriptions? Money? Recognition? TOP DOG amongst web artists? We have some cool ideas coming–stay tuned!

When does VS. begin?


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