Jeyodin’s Hammer Volume 3: Jungle Kingdom Arc What to Expect

We are back again! Jeyodin’s Hammer V3 hits stores MARCH 7TH!

And you’d better grab a copy! This man is a genius!

If you aren’t caught up our hero, Stud is still stranded in the Ocean Kingdom fighting his newfound enemy Steele. The hammerhead shark as he terrorizes the Ocean Kingdom. Alongside his newest friends Dan and Diane, Stud’s newfound abilities are put to the test as his journey to find his father continues.

We wanted to hear Jey’s perspective upon the release of his latest volume and man was it juicy!

Saturday AM: Jey! Can you give us some details on your feelings about Hammer V3 coming out, your experience, whats next, what do you want your readers to know?

Jey: I’m SUPER excited for Volume 3 of HAMMER to come out! This entire journey and experience of seeing my own title in stores like Walmart and Barnes and Noble has just been incredible. I put a lot of hard work into this series, and to see it start paying off is great. Volume 3 is the beginning of the Jungle Kingdom arc!
I added a few scenes and changed a few others from the original version being serialized in the magazine. Volume 3, but more so 4, is a turning point for Hammer, in both action and storytelling.
I hope you all grab a copy, of which you can get an autographed one for the same price as a regular one on talkshop live, although they only have a limited supply so, first come first serve. Volume 4 comes out within a months time from my other project, the Rick and Morty manga, so please keep an eye out for both.

Don’t cha’ just love Jeyodin!? We cant wait to see what he has next!

Stay tuned!



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