What time you ask?

Time for JOINING our little manga revolution, SATURDAY AM, is what!

Since launching Saturday AM #1 in November 2013 with a small group of creators from America, Asia and Africa — we’ve since grown to include one of the most unique groups of major original manga and webcomic works online with talent from Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe and various countries within Asia and Africa.

We had gotten (and still receive) so many requests to join our lineup which now includes TWO digital manga anthologies: SATURDAY AM and SATURDAY PLUS as well as our weekly line of fun webcomics ala AFTERNOON WEB-X that we were getting overwhelmed. 

The problem is that:

A. We are too small to review every piece of content submitted to us (we already struggle to get out new magazines every 2 weeks). Folks see that we have 27 issues of a consistently produced, bi-weekly digital magazine (more when you add in Web-X and PLUS) and assume we’re a giant operation. We’re not, although we do take pride that we’ve accomplished what few have.

B. Our mission is ENTIRELY different from many other webcomic sites. We have very little advertising on our site as our objectives are not to rapidly add content and page views but to produce a select and definitive style of webcomics that cater to our intended audiences.

It’s not easy to work within our framework. We’ve lost a few creators who were unable to work in the systems and had more promising folks who were concerned that the format wasn’t for them. We’re still hoping we get to publish GRAY+ZONE at some point, for example. We respect that and luckily the web is full of places for new creators to showcase their works. We’re different though and we do not shy away from that. We demand more of our creators than probably anywhere else and we have a more traditional set-up with our regular magazine release schedule which means that professionalism, organization, communication and true ambition are essential DNA to any creator who wants to join our crazy little experiment.

It’s not easy indeed–in fact, if it was, every one would be doing it–hence why we recognize the game changing approach that we are undertaking. I know some folks dislike our beliefs but considering how long I’ve been in corporate America and consumer products I can assure you—I remember the experienced folks who literally laughed at me when I suggested we would create a digital magazine full of diverse amateurs EXCLUSIVELY and charge $5/ yr — it as unheard of and yet–here we are. Battle-tested, emotionally drained but still blazing a new path for ALL WEBCOMIC CREATORS! 

That being said, WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW CREATOR-OWNED MANGA to join our revolution and have created a process to do so. PILOT MANGA is OUR PRIVATE COMMUNITY for Serious webcomic amateurs. If you want to create a successful manga-style webcomic and are wanting to know how to design, research, solicit, market and grow a creative and consumer fanbase. Then this community is for you! 


It’s been active for nearly a year and has over 340+ members who requested membership. The group has brought us amazing creators, original ideas (with diverse protagonists and genres) and awesome new perspectives that can only come with a more unique creator (who hail from countries with socialist, communist, newly elected and/or monarchy style governments).

It’s called DIVERSITY and it is essential to what we do and who we are within Saturday AM.


This month, our TEST FLIGHT contest will close out 2015 submissions. 


What’s that? 

You heard it correctly, this month’s TEST FLIGHT will showcase the last opportunity to be considered for Saturday PLUS.


TEST FLIGHT will continue (beginning again in September) but any winners or manga will be relegated to 2016 consideration.

Likewise, TEST RUNS will continue but again, that is an entirely different process and DOES NOT offer a direct chance to become part of our publishing plans the way TEST FLIGHT does.

So, what should you do?

If you have an original idea—and you know how to follow rules–then ENTER IT! 

Saturday PLUS returns JULY 25th and will run until issue 20 before the end of December 2015.

So, if you want to have a chance to enter and be featured alongside the alumni of creators such as Leonardo Massip and Frederick Ward–then THIS IS THE TIME!

What manga concepts are we most interested in?

We are truly hoping to see more

  • comedy manga

  • slice of line

  • romance

  • mech

  • horror

DIVERSITY, folks! 

The competition will be fierce for not only a place in Saturday PLUS but for a chance to succeed in Saturday PLUS.

When we launched PLUS with issue #1, there were four manga and only two survived the experience.

This time promises to be more brutal.

Meet your first competitor, CHAINED [black]

Want to learn about it? Saturday AM #28 has a detailed reveal as we continue our #summerofmanga.


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