Kaiju No 8 Episode 1 – Review

Kaiju no 8’s official anime debut made waves last weekend, and we’re here to offer our spoiler-free thoughts and review of the premiere episode!

The Story:

The narrative centers around Kafka, a thirty-something tasked with the daunting responsibility of cleaning up after intense battles between colossal Kaiju and the Defense Force. Despite never envisioning himself as part of the cleanup crew, mysterious circumstances offer him a potential opportunity to realize his dream of joining the Defense Force.

The Animation:

Bringing this manga to life on the small screen is Production I.G, renowned for their work on recent FLCL reboots, Haikyuu!!, and the critically acclaimed Heavenly Delusions.

The Reaction:

Adapting the first chapter of the manga, the debut episode faithfully mirrors its source material. The artwork excels, capturing the immense scale of Kaiju attacks. Action sequences, though sporadic, pack a punch, vividly illustrating the magnitude of the Kaiju threat. While easily handled by the skilled Defense Force, the undeniable damage wrought adds weight to the narrative. The series truly shines in its character interactions and humor, setting a promising tone for future episodes.

Feedback from Saturday AM:

“Surprisingly wholesome for a series about blood and monsters!” – Austin, Saturday AM Editor.

“I watched it over the weekend. Quick thoughts: It’s intriguing as an adaptation, with more humor than the manga. Yet, it carries a deeper sense of melancholy for the 30-something protagonist compared to the source material. As for action, KN8 hasn’t blown me away before, and this episode didn’t change that. While it offers a cool premise, interesting lead character, and captivating setting, it lacks groundbreaking action.” – Frederick, Saturday AM CEO and Founder.

What Did You Think? Will you be tuning in for episode 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And for more Kaiju action, don’t miss our graphic novels Henshin! and Titan King,


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