Kickstart Your Week Series 02

One of the reasons Frederick L. Jones started MYFUTPRINT and its’ lines: manga magazine SATURDAY AM, manga webcomics AFTERNOON WEB-X, original ebooks WEL/RED and soon to be–a second manga magazine SATURDAY PLUS — was because of what the world of both e-commerce and crowd funding meant for new creative voices. It was no longer a reality that promising talent could so easily be shut out of a chance for success or discovery because of their race, gender, language or nationality.

Our Kickstarter, SATURDAY WARS, is coming to an end and we are just over 10% of our goal. We know we have plenty of fans and likewise, have an awesome worthy project (plus rewards) but we know it’s not easy. We created KICKSTART YOUR WEEK to not only show you cool and worthy Kickstarter projects like ours but for you to see why we’ve been inspired to use this platform for our creative projects.

Check out and help this cool Kickstarter campaign:





  • PRICE: $21,500


  • INFO:

  • WHY KICK IT? Tabletop games are fun and social for all fanboys. Finding a new cool game to play is awesome!

Support the Island Dice Kickstarter campaign at

Know some other deserving Kickstarter campaigns?? Tell us at:!/geek-culture

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