Latest Issue (Apr. 5th, 2014)

Cover by Odunze Oguguo “Whyt Manga”

We’re back with our SIXTH ISSUE and we celebrated it with an awesome cover featuring Saturday AM’s very own  APPLE BLACK by  Whyt Manga! Don’t let Sano’s kind personality fool you; clearly in this issue he is here to bring the PAIN!

Apple Black

by Odunze Oguguo


The History between Ryuzaki and Neon is revealed as the Red one battles the Ghost of Old Garth, “Cerberoot”. After a complete understanding, Sano gets involved.


Bully Eater

By Raymond Brown

Chapter 11 “Stolen Purpose”

Isao and Tien continue their search for the missing comrade, Shin. After running out of ideas, they reluctantly decide to ask Shin’s brother, Jirou for clues to Shin’s whereabouts. However, instead of finding Jirou, they are confronted by one of Isao’s old enemies, Ryu Katashi.


By Andrea Otília Vörös

Chapter 3 “Decisions” (part 1)

Can Ayumi really be a saigami? How will she gain the trust of her companions while even she can’t believe such things can happen? A night of doubt and trust awaits our heroes…

Race! On!

Written by Mario Savovsk and Art by Gemar Delfino

Chapter 5 “The Crazy Mage’s Flaming Introduction!”

The partial OverBacks face the tallest colossus yet, and following that – an appearance from team OverBack’s crazi…erm, an appearance from team OverBack’s most ordinary and well-adjusted individual!


by Wally Nguyen

1.400: Welcome To The Unconscious (Part 2)

Having arrived on Haven, Traveler and Joey Prime set out on their new objective. However, what exactly is the story on Haven?

Interview with Talisha Harrison:

Talisha Harrison is a lover and contributor to all things in geek culture. As both a writer and creator, Talisha is able to spread her fanboy insight and feminine perspective on reviews, comic books, essays, and more. We caught up with Talisha, in between her many projects, to learn  how she got started and to reflect on the comic book industry.

Top 5 Kills in Spoon

By David Yoon “Yoonicorn”

Join us as we count down the TOP 5 most brutal Kills of the Afternoon Web X hit series Spoon!


Interview with Tyrone Selby:

Tyrone Selby had a dream to make a printed comic book of his expansive fantasy action title, Elements of Light. So, why did he make it a digital webcomic?

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