SATURDAY AM — Latest Issue (#7, Apr. 19th, 2014)

Cover by Tony Saavedra

We’re back with our SIXTH ISSUE and we celebrated it with an awesome cover featuring Saturday AM’s very own  APPLE BLACK by  Whyt Manga! Don’t let Sano’s kind personality fool you; clearly in this issue he is here to bring the PAIN!

Arrogance of Athena

By Tony Saavedra and Rocky Garcia

Chapter 1: “Only Human”

Arrogance of Athena, a corporation forged out of necessity, which is made up of soldiers specially trained to handle hyper-human criminals. Today however, they’re A.O. is located at the most dangerous place they can think of, the place of their incarceration!



By Wally Nguyen

Chapter 1.500: “Familiar Faces” (Part 1)

As Haven and the Explorer approach their fated meeting, Traveler and Joey Prime proceed with their plan and stumble on various mysteries

Apple Black

By Odunze Oguguo


The History between Ryuzaki and Neon is revealed as the Red one battles the Ghost of Old Garth, “Cerberoot”. After a complete understanding, Sano gets involved.

Bully Eater

By Raymond Brown

Chapter 12 “Hell vs Hell” (part 1)

It seems like the more Isao and Tien learn about Shin, The less they really know about him. The guys continue their search efforts, however elsewhere an unexpected battle erupts!


By Andrea Otília Vörös

Chapter 3 “Decisions” (part 2)

There’s no more doubt, Ayumi is a saigami as well, but with great power comes… great restriction?! Will the freedom law of saigami change everything!

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