Wait, what?? You've SEEN Attack on Titan (the Japanese equivalent to zeitgeist popular to Walking Dead) in LIVE ACTION ALREADY???


Oh---no no no no no no...THAT DOES NOT COUNT BUT THIS VIDEO...AHHH

Now, this is a few days old and we are still running a bit behind on our Editorial additions to this BLOG (i.e. regular new content like previews, reviews and essays) but how could we not show any of our fans the awesome LIVE ACTION ATTACK ON TITAN?

It's actually a Subara commercial in Japan--and while Japan has yet to consistently produce Hollywood-level special effects---this is still surprisingly strong!!

That said, MyFutprint was a HUGE FAN and CRITIC of the animated blockbuster last year. I don't want to say it was controversial but it seemed to trigger a lot of traffic and opinions! 


We hope they fix some of the issues we saw (even though it's just our opinion--no more special than anyone else's)--such as odd lack of diversity and the ridiculous emo, cold superhero loner manga stereotype that at this point is beyond laughable.

This is why we built Saturday AM. We just wanted to see cool, original manga with honest characters and settings/ populations that reflect the whole wide world and not a very slim (if not outright fantasy) view of it. We are well on our way and appreciate the success we are having and perhaps we can make an impact like AoT -- either in popularity or a kick-ass Subaru commercial ;)