ROUND 3 – our Sweet 16 (sorta, it was actually 18) was TOUGH but it’s finally come to an end.

Here is the full breakdown!


TEAM APPLE BLACK was a tight contest initially.

With only 11 points separating the top (HARUKAMI ART) from the 3rd place contender (OBLIVIOUS334) for FAN VOTES, it was ultimately the JUDGES VOTES of 15 points each which unanimously favored HARUKAMI_ART and ARTISTALYWAY.

Only BRAHIMDRAWS missed the extra 5 point bonus (for early submission) although it wouldn’t have made much difference unfortunately.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 12.07.29 PM.png


TEAM CLOCK STRIKER was Manou_Azumi’s round as she led every step of the way and was not even threatened by another artist.

It was different for everyone else as DORDANDRAWS99, THE OGRIGINAL IMANI, KAMO_988 were all within striking distance of each other depending on the Judges vote. And therein is where things got tricky. IMANI got zero points from the judges except for CLOCK STRIKER creator, Frederick (which carried an EXTRA 5 POINTS) while the other judges split amongst Kamo and Dordan.

IMANI and DORDAN both missed the extra 5 point bonus (for early submission) and therefore came up short next to Kamo.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 2.32.05 PM.png


TEAM SAIGAMI seemed in control for CALLMENAKA and IMPY0J from the start.

While Hungary’s CALLMENAKA had the edge over all others, he was only 10 points ahead of American IMPY0J and she was only 10 points ahead of Iraq’s KOREZART. Ultimately, the JUDGES VOTES leaned heavily on CALLMENAKA and IMPY0J (including from Andrea which carried an extra 5 point bonus) although KOREZ ART did get two votes.

While KOREZ_ART and IMPY0J missed the extra 5 point bonus (for early submission), GARYLYTLE suffered a -5 points for getting his submission in minutes after cut off.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 2.39.58 PM.png


TEAM BULLY EATER was THE TOUGHEST CONTEST in this round with 5 artists and several interesting, action-oriented fanarts. That said, for EFFESART – it was a smashing victory as he was a TOP POINT GETTER along with CLOCK STRIKER’S MANOU_AZUMI.

With only 1 point separating MYSTICKNIGHT13 from OAKNOATS, it’s NOT a surprise that the judges votes SPLIT between both of them with France’s Nebu_Shiro receiving a vote from Frederick. Ultimately, Raymond’s vote (which carried an extra 5 points) to OAKnOATS over Mysticknight13 – made some of the difference.

Only MYSTICKNIGHT13 missed the extra 5 point bonus (for early submission) although the COLUMBIAN needed more JUDGES VOTES to win unfortunately.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 2.48.05 PM.png



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