Ever wonder what a soundtrack for BULLY EATER would sound like?

Any series — be it SATURDAY AM manga like SAIGAMI or the new hit ISLANDERS or WEB-X property like SPOON or Z FOREVER!

So how does it work?

  1. Go to our FORUM.

  2. Put your ONE favorite song (1 entry per person, per playlist) for your 1 favorite manga webcomic.

  3. Fans will offer feedback as will the creator

  4. A decision on the songs (for every available playlist) will 1st be announced via brand-new issues of Saturday AM (beginning with issue #28) and Saturday PLUS (beginning with issue #8)

  5. WINNERS get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION ($5/value) — maybe even a Saturday TANK ($9.99 max value)

  6. Don’t know where your favorite manga webcomic’s playlist is?? Just check “saturdayam” on SPOTIFY.


Yes, you KNOW US. We’re not the normal manga webcomic creators. We love DIVERSITY. Please try to find the right type of music that fits the SOUL of our comics and creators.

CHOOSE WISELY and your favorite creator may send you love personally — choose poorly and you may have to explain yourself 😉

That being said, there are some great songs out there from HIP HOP, ELECTRO, POP, JPOP, KPOP, COUNTRY and so on.

C’mon–HELP US bring a NEW DIMESION to our awesome stories!



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