March ART Madness 2016

Saturday AM does different.

When we decided to do diverse, manga webcomics we went with a full-on Shonen Jump style digital magazine anthology.

When we decided to hold submissions we turned it into our PILOT Manga community and unique, transparent critiques for all to see.

So, when we decided to want to do a NEW type of ART CONTEST — we decided to merge one of the coolest things we love about SPORTS and combine it with FAN ART.

Get ready for MARCH ART MADNESS!

Let’s start off with the rules, shall we?


  1. Sign up by 11:59pm 03.13.2016 by making a visitor post on our Facebook Fan Page or our PILOT Manga Facebook Page (if you are a member).

  2. Only artists may apply although you do NOT have to be supremely talented.

  3. Artists selected must VERIFY their existence by A. utilizing a Facebook profile for direct confirmation and B. provide an example of your art/ photo of you.

  4. The competition will have a maximum of 64 artists and each will be ranked according based on a combination of talent level, accomplishments (i.e. have you made webcomics or fan art before; are you a popular artist on Instagram) and timing of your sign up submission.

  5. We will pair off one artist vs. another over a maximum of 6 rounds with elimination occurring at each round.

  6. Each week will have two rounds per — minimum 2 days between each contest.

  7. We will announce the dates and rankings of each round by midnight 3.15.16

  8. Contestants will be expected to have their images sent to us by 11:59pm the night BEFORE each round begins (i.e. if the round begins on 3.18 then 3.17 – we expect to have the images in). 

  9. Please send ONLY JPEGS, HI-RES 300DPI and labeled YOUR NAME, ROUND NUMBER (i.e. Frederickjonesrd1.jpeg.) Images must be shared with us via DROPBOX

  10. Submissions will be banned and creators ejected from the tournament if the images submitted are:

    1. STOLEN

    2. OLD (all submissions must be ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE)

    3. Contain nudity, graphic violence.

    4. May be deemed racist, bigoted.

    5. Feature your own characters vs. established characters or personalities.

    6. Are distributed to any location, site and/or profile DURING this tournament.

  11. Saturday AM will display the content and arrange for FAN PARTICIPATION aka voting EXCLUSIVELY. Creators may assist in publicizing this information by using hashtags: @saturday_am

  12. Points are awarded for the following tactics:

    1. COLOR — you can enter a B/W image but extra points are given for spot or full color

    2. NEW — you can use the same image over every round but extra points will be given for the artist who submits a new image each round

    3. Fan Response — artists are encouraged to share the webpage with their competing image via social media in hopes of getting strong feedback which can add points. Promote the pages with the hashtag #marchartmadness and/or @saturday_am. Locations accepted – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

    4. TOPICAL — the more interesting the image the better (here are some examples)

      1. POLITICS — Donald Trump as a Dr. Doom style villain? 


      3. SUPERHEROES — Batman Vs. Superman; Captain America: Civil War or both??

      4. SPORTS — Want to represent your favorite Footballer and/or mascot from your fave college basketball team ala UNC during March Madness (sorry, our Publisher’s Alma Mater).

  13. Eventually it will come down to the final two — that effort will be a LIVE Youtube event and will be a one-off presentation of a given topic for each artist who will have to represent it within 60 minutes.

  14. The sole winner will receive $50 USD (payable via Paypal)

That’s all folks! The rounds will begin with the announcement of the first round officially on March 16th, 2013 and rounds will begin shortly thereafter.

If you have questions–contact us at

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