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Many folks have approached us about animation for our diverse manga series like APPLE BLACK, CLOCK STRIKER, SAIGAMI and more.

We’re not interested in jumping the gun — instead we believe in crafting our brand, product line and characters 1st. Others have tried (and failed) to rush anime productions for comics that lack fandom, lack story length, and are definitively lacking funding.

Now, after 4 1/2 years publishing over 86 issues of our magazine, a new spin-off in Saturday PM, best-selling graphic novels, and the announcement of our VIDEOGAME – we can honestly begin to address our ambitions in animation.

The young men behind our fan-favorite series, MUTTON CHOP, have developed an animation test for this hilarious, funny animal series. Fans of cartoons like Adventure Time, Regular Show and even Loony Toons will dig the tale of the World’s Most Powerful (yet, unaware) Sheep. 

We are not ignorant and know we have still have a ways to go to have OUR DIVERSE MANGA being watched regularly on your TV screens. That said, efforts like this prove that we are SERIOUS about  evolving anime as we have manga. So, check out the video below and READ the original PILOT Manga chapter which debuted last year during our #summerofmanga event in Issue 68. Let us know your thoughts, won’t you?

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