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FANART can be amazing — especially when it’s good ole’ manga. Is there anything cooler than seeing Western heroes depicted in the manga style? The #makecomics mantra really began with supporting new artists and their fan art (hence why we have the popular March ART Madness tournament) but much like our desire the aesthetic with more diverse manga — fan art has evolved as well from just the myriad images of DBZ to more sophisticated takes on characters such as BLACK GOKU and/or FEMALE SUPERMAN.

We’re very excited at the growth of the Saturday AM brand and to that end we want to begin to share FAN ART of our characters. We’ve started with three of our most amazing creators: MORGANNE WALKER (aka Al. Durante, creator of SOUL BEAT); OSCAR FONG (aka Fongfumaster, artist of MMWOG) and JEYODIN (creator of HAMMER). Their art is not just distinctive but revelatory as it exposes even more ideas about our own original characters.

Check them out on our all-new FANART page and stay tuned for ways that YOU can be featured on our site.


Want to see how JEYODIN depicts APPLE BLACK?  What about SAIGAMI? CLOCK STRIKER? Watch his process below using an ILLO SKETCHBOOK and then check out ALL of his VIDEOS as he profiles EACH character from our hit series.

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