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Yesterday we announced our brand new and EXCLUSIVE T-shirts for Premium Subscribers of our Saturday AM digital manga webcomic anthology. 

You may be asking just what are our “PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTIONS”? 

We currently have one of the BEST DEALS IN COMICS — twenty issues of our manga webcomic anthology for just $5/yr. That’s less than some KID MEALS or STARBUCKS DRINKS.

With out PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION you get to chat with our creators in EXCLUSIVE HANGOUTS while getting 40 issues of manga webcomics from TOP AMATEUR MANGA ARTISTS from around the world, exclusive comics that you cannot get anywhere else!

Plus many many more cool items!

Today, we want to announce the NEXT BIG “GET” for premium subscribers – 


With the new member card, you will get a small full color card good for any wallet or purse. Each card will have EXCLUSIVE ART by Leonardo Massip as well as a unique offer code that will help you SAVE 15% on all future Saturday AM product.

What are those products you can save on?

So what are you waiting for?


We’ll chat about an ALL-NEW ITEM later this week that is EXCLUSIVE to our PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION.


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