One Piece Takes a Playful Pivot: Luffy’s Gear 5 Revealed!

Onepiece fans rejoice as the faithful day has finally come! Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation and its animated debut had the fans, and the internet alike, going crazy.  Fans of Eiichiro Oda’s manga have waited for a long while to see how the exciting scene would be adapted.

What is Gear 5?

It is the awakened form of Gomu Gomu no Mi: It blesses its user with unparalleled strength and agility, morphing them into the legendary “Warrior of Liberation.” This isn’t just any power; it’s hailed as one of the world’s most wondrous forces, epitomizing true freedom and joy. And when Luffy harnesses this mesmerizing energy, his heartbeat dances to the captivating beat known as the “Drums of Liberation,” a title coined by Zunesha. Witness Luffy’s appearance dramatically changes – his hair and attire (save for his iconic hat, belt, and sandals) radiate a pristine white, his eyes sparkle with enigmatic red ringed pupils, and mystical white clouds gracefully encircle his neck.

Oda has mentioned that Gear 5 allowed him to reconnect with his foundational mangaka spirit, infusing the fight with a level of playfulness and freedom he believes the series has missed lately. As the series has taken a more serious direction to captivate fans, he sees this as an opportunity to reintroduce some lightheartedness. He was quoted as saying: “Think of it as I suddenly drew ‘Tom and Jerry’


Artwork by Eiichiro Oda

The Fans Reactions

The anticipation for Luffy’s Fifth Gear form reveal was palpable! However, opinions varied on the presentation, touching upon sound effects, animation choices, and the repetition of certain visuals in the scene.

This is what our staff at Saturday AM had to say:

“It was amazing. I loved the music with it and cant wait for more! Ive watched it at least 20 times easily!”

“Thought it was good! Can’t imagine what it was like for anime-only fans though. The loony toons sound effects were appropriate and great, but the way they were used was borderline memory though haha”

“I thought it was cool, there were some parts of the animation that were hard to comprehend due to the camera movement and stuff, but that’s also what made it look cool.”

“Sorry, too weird for me. There are way better fights in OP than this.”

“Loved it love it and loved it more. Been a manga fan of One Piece since like 16. So this one hit home for me. So many dope scenes, animations, and just mind boggling. Felt like a fever dream.”

“Animation was good. Music was fitting. I honestly love the power. Toon force or toon physics is cool as hell. But honestly, there was something lacking for me? I didn’t feel like this “LET’S GO” hype feeling with it.”


How did you Like it? Are you excited for the next episode? Let us know below!

Till next time folks!

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