Orphan Black Premiere: “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed”

Orphan Black is one of the best sci-fi shows that YOU ARE NOT WATCHING.

Orphan Black has returned with Season 2 and it was a doozy! This episode was very fast paced and jumped around a lot, but seemed more like a set up of where the entire season is going and the shift in good vs. bad. All of the clones were touched on and given an update and trajectory. I was so excited and now I CANNOT wait until next week. 

First off–you don’t know about ORPHAN BLACK (not to be confused with Whyt Manga’s Apple Black 😉 then let’s get you caught up (SPOILERS BELOW):

ow that you understand–season two picks right up with many reveals and Sarah’s desire to understand who is behind this.

Sarah is on a desperate search to find Kira and Mrs. S, which leads her to a diner. A few cowboy-types show up and a shootout occurs. Sarah escapes by kicking through the bathroom wall, more pissed and determined than ever. No one seems to be answering her calls so Sarah shows up at the club in find Felix in assless chaps and on a super high—hilarious and perfect for Felix! Sarah argues with Rachel and Paul over the phone to let her see Kira and she will cooperate. 

The mysterious Rachel Duncan is a tough business executive sporting Paul as her new bodyguard. Paul does not seem too thrilled to be working at the nefarious Dyad Institute but is obeying thus far. I have a feeling Rachel may be a double agent and not quite so “corporate” as conveyed. Is it possible that Rachel and Sarah will team up in some way this season??

Alison is now clean and sober after the Aynsley incident. She is focused on her family and likewise, becomes engaged with a community musical. With Aynsley’s death, Alison is the beneficiary of the lead role which should make Alison fans very ecstatic! Alison’s scenes tonight were my favorite and she is officially now my favorite clone. In one of the episode’s highlights, she hilariously buys a street gun from a “friend” and fights off Dyad employees/ thugs with mace and a rape whistle.

Cosima is still sick and testing her blood to help identify any respiratory illness. She is staying at Felix’s loft while still seeing Delphine. One wonders if she is playing Delphine completely or if Delphine is absolutely on her side versus Leekie. There are a lot of secrets between the two. Delphine does hint at the new clone Jennifer when mentioning to Leekie of the two other clones that have the illness. Also, Leekie is demanding Cosima take a job at the Dyad Institute. 

Art and Angie are still pursuing answers despite the case being closed. Angie is ruthless and one would not be surprised if she has a fatal mishap from not being more careful. Meanwhile, Art is trying to get Sarah to open up to him. In the end, Sarah turns to him for help and spills the clone truth. 

The episode ended with a fight between Rachel and Sarah. Sarah pulls a gun and demands to know where Kira is. It turns out Rachel is just using the information to get to Sarah. Dyad does not have Kira or Mrs. S, but they appear to be with the Prolutionists. This season is definitely a battle between the religious Prolutionists and the scientific Neolutionists with the clones in the middle. This war is what I think will cause characters to switch beliefs and create unlikely pairings. 

The cowboys (shock!) are Prolutionists—and the best part of the episode is ENTER: HELENA! She’s back and not dead! It’s such a miracle that even the doctor’s don’t understand how but the cowboys are close behind at the hospital. I love Helena and can’t wait to see what crazy antics she is up to now. I having a feeling she is not loving either side–her religious family or twin sister, Sarah.

Will Sarah reunite with Kira this season or before the finale? Will Cosima make it through the season? What is Rachel’s game plan? Can Alison keep it together after Aynsley’s death? What will happen with Helena?

This season of Orphan Black promises many surprises!

By Kasey Michael-a lover of all things entertainment. Born and bred in North Carolina, she has a degree in Film Studies and can usually be found in front of a screen. 

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