Orphan Black RECAP: “Mingling Its Own Nature with It”

This week’s episode was very revealing and heartbreaking; questions were answered but of course this only leads to more questions. Sarah, Felix, and Kira are still on the run. Cosima and Delphine are tackling the clone susceptible illness. Alison is on the eve of her stage debut. Each clone is struggling to be themselves and in control when their environment and lives are now anything but. 

The team of Sarah and Kira is adorable, and Kira is so much like her mom…wise beyond her years and highly aware. Poor Felix though, he breaks down after more of Sarah antics feeling like a clueless pawn in her lies. My heart broke for Felix and completely agreed with his need to have his own life. The real twist in the heart was when Felix says he needs to get back for Alison’s opening night. The look on Sarah’s face was priceless, but I was even thinking “How could he miss Alison’s show.” The argument erupted with the introduction of Cal, an old mark of Sarah’s and….KIRA’S DAD!

Cal is another moment from Sarah’s past that seems far from pleased to see her again. However, he is super cute and quick to protect her and Kira. He mentions he made money by making some bee pollinator device (weird) that the government then stole, but I think he may have a secret too. Sarah and Cal were also quick to rekindle their romance. After a Dyad employee tracks Sarah down and attacks, Cal is left with Kira. Kira seems to be in good hands and definitely protected, but Cal is still clueless to the entire clone story. A scene between him and Kira trying to explain would be hilarious. 

We met a new clone, Jennifer Fitzsimmons (not to be confused with Agents of SHIELD), through videos Delphine shows Cosima. Jennifer had the same respiratory illness that Cosima now has; the videos are hard to watch, seeing a person disintegrate after being given false hope by Dr. Leekie. Adding another completely different clone still proves the talented force of nature that is Tatiana Maslany. Cosima and Delphine perform an autopsy on Jennifer’s body and discover a possible illness onset with a link to the clone infertility. Though brief, Jennifer’s footage is sad but made worse to think this could happen to Cosima. The awesomeness of Cosima can not fall to this illness. 

Helena is still drugged out at Hank’s compound. Hank is quite a ruthless leader with many, including Mark, willing to do whatever he says. There may be some hope for Helena to escape or fight back with Grace; the young girl has this look of doubt every time we see her. I thought Helena creeped me out but this Prolethean cult farm creeps me out more. In the end, Helena was “married” to Hank for procreation purposes (so gross). 

The clone in the most danger though is Alison.  By continuously popping booze and pills, Alison spirals out of control and falls of the stage the opening night of the musical. This would be enough, but Donnie and Dyad are not letting up. Also, Angie has not listened to Art and is pursuing Alison for answers. Alison has to deal with her own guilt, Dyad and her monitor, and the police. The peppy, fun Alison is now gone; I am worried she won’t be the same or could reveal too much. Hopefully, Felix will come to the rescue and bitch slap her back to normal…or Alison normal. 

The season has only just begun and each clone is in major trouble. The war between the Dyad Institute and Hank’s compound is heating up; I am afraid there will be some causalities caught in the crossfire. I love the show is focusing more on the clones and really only those interactions. How is it possible this show is getting better and better without losing steam? I love that questions are being answered but fearful of the rest of the season. 

By Kasey Michael-a lover of all things entertainment. Born and bred in North Carolina, she has a degree in Film Studies and can usually be found in front of a screen. 

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