Orphan Black: “Governed As It Were By Chance”

The clone war is heating up and moments (episodes) from converging. Some clones seem to be safer than others. Tonight was all about Crazy Helena and the slow unveiling of Mrs. S and the past, including Project LEDA

Turns out, Cal was the one driving the truck that crashed into Sarah and Daniel. I was actually surprised it was Cal and not one of those serendipitous TV moments of random person helping main character at opportune moment. Unfortunately, Sarah assumes Rachel’s lackey is dead, leaving him to chase her down again. Though bloody and looking dead, Rule #1 is always check the body! Do people not learn these common things from horror movies!? 

Sarah leaves Kira with Cal while she goes back home to check on Felix and learn more about Project LEDA and Rachel. Things seem icy between Sarah and Felix, and I don’t like it. They seem united solely for the purpose of Clone Club. It seems like Felix wants to trade Sarah for a different clone sister—I vote Alison. Felix can do sassy and sarcastic in his sleep.

Cosima, still sick, investigates Project LEDA for Sarah. She discovers the scientists in the photo are Susan and Ethan Duncan, Rachel’s parents. They were geneticists, studied recombinant DNA, and then began working on some super secret project (possibly government related). There was then a lab explosion that claimed 6 scientists, leading only to more questions. Cosima told the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan: Leda slept with both Zeus and a mortal resulting in half-human and half-god twins. Is Helena the immortal one and Sarah normal but still badass? 

Cosima’s illness seems to be getting worse, but she seems to be hiding the severity to everyone. With each cough, my heart breaks and I pray she does not die. Sarah needs to stop bothering her so she can focus on finding a cure in her lab. She keeps watching the horrible videos of Jennifer getting worse and worse. It would kill me to watch videos pertaining to my situation. It would wreck me in history class just to watch war victim type videos with no personal connection. Cosima is smart, brave, and essential; I don’t know what the others would do if she dies—maybe Rachel would take on the brains role. Wait…I can’t even suggest such a thing…Cosima HAS to live. 

Alison wakes up in what she thinks is Dyad demanding answers from Leekie, but instead she is in rehab (which I figured out immediately). If I was a clone, I would think rehab is a great place and free of clone drama. Lock and sober me up. One of the funniest scenes was between Alison and Felix where she is more worried about how opening night of the musical was than her current situation. Also, she found a woman shaving her armpits to be the most disturbing takeaway from rehab. If shaving your armpits is frightening, what grooming habits does Alison partake in? 

Rehab is also Donnie/monitor free, but Donnie was quick to visit and threaten to take the kids if she didn’t stay for treatment. I doubt whether this is a real threat or Dyad would allow this only to make Alison more uncooperative. An angry clone only seems to create more problems for Leekie and Dyad. 

There was a brief side story regarding Mrs. S reuniting with Carlton for some info and quick sexy time. Carlton didn’t seem to have much info beyond dropping Sarah off with Mrs. S all those years ago. I am not buying it; Carlton may just be the delivery guy of sorts but a big dude like that is bound to ask some questions. Mrs. S even states, “If Sarah digs any deeper into this, a whole world of shit is going to unravel.”

On a mission to find out more, Sarah tricked her way into Rachel’s apartment for intel about Daniel, her parents, and upbringing. Despite the rigid, bitchy exterior, home videos show Rachel was a loved child with a playful childhood. Her scientist parent actually appeared to love her immensely. Was it an act for the experiments? I don’t think so. Sarah is interrupted by Daniel returning to the apartment he appears to share with Rachel (gross) and jumps her. Sarah awakes tied up to the shower in one of the most haunting scenes and powerfully portrayed by Maslany. The tension and terror is high and for a moment I thought Sarah was in real trouble. However…

The star of Orphan Black and the clone you love to hate is BACK! Helena was able to fake out Grace, who tried to suffocate her with a pillow and pretend to be dead/passed out. Helena then came up behind Grace and put her in a sleeper hold. Crazy Helena is back and on a rampage again. She finds this creepy barn lab and has flashes of Henrik doing some kind of operation/exam. I thought she was being impregnated, but instead (not sure if better or worse scenario) Henrik took her eggs and has fertilized one for a test tube baby. She escapes from the compound and runs right past sneaky Art. I was confused as to why Art didn’t help her and keep an eye on her knowing Sarah is not a fan. Art did help though by comically delaying the Proletheans from catching her. I am now way more afraid of the Proletheans than the Neolutionists. 

Helena then turns up in Rachel’s apartment to attack and kill Daniel. Yes?! She creepily staggers toward Sarah tied up, dripping with blood and holding a knife. Helena makes Carrie look like an angel. The show keeps topping how scary Helena is and her insane moments. The episode ends with a shocked and terrified Sarah being hugged by her loving? sister Helena. I have no idea how the next episode will begin after this crazy and haunting image. As much as I enjoy Helena, I don’t think she could even be nice or work together amongst Clone Club. The damage has been done to Helena, but she really needs Cosima to look into that egg donation of hers. 

By Kasey Michael-a lover of all things entertainment. Born and bred in North Carolina, she has a degree in Film Studies and can usually be found in front of a screen.

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