Orphan Black: “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”

This week’s episode was all about shocking moments and betrayal. Bridges were burned and new alliances were formed. Everyone—Clone Club, Proletheans, Neolutionists, and whoever else is part of this crazy train—is on the search for the original genome map; this genome just happened to be lost in the Project LEDA fire years ago. One thing that didn’t seem to be lost in the fire is Rachel’s father…dun dun duh. And that’s not the only revelation…

Rachel Duncan is back from Taiwan and on a mission. This mission includes taking down Sarah, but she needs a new monitor after Daniel’s gruesome death by Helena. She “chooses” Paul as her new monitor. Her monitor reports both to her and Dr Leekie, a father figure after her parents died, but Rachel seems to be in control of any relationship. Now I would be quite keen to have Paul as my monitor, but Paul is now playing on the wrong clone side. You can tell there is something going on with Paul. I’m not sure if he has an ulterior motive, playing double agent, or just looking out for himself. One (gross) thing if for sure, Paul gets around or at least gets around amongst clones: Beth, Sarah, and now Rachel. 

The evolution of Paul has been interesting and seems very fight or flight. I should hate him, especially after this week’s actions, but I still love hot Paul. It was disgusting when Paul blackmailed Felix to get Sarah to turn herself into Rachel; the look on Felix’s face was heartbreaking and an unchipper Felix is no fun. The scene was tough to watch and to see that Paul would stoop that low is sad. I’m still not sure what is worse though—putting a gun to Felix’s head or sleeping with Rachel? 

Leekie, Rachel’s other puppet string, has discovered the matching stem cell for Cosima’s treatment, but Rachel refuses to continue the testing without Sarah relinquishing herself and her daughter to Dyad. Leekie is starting to warm on me, since Cosima has moved into the lab at Dyad. I get this feeling he is all about science and less of the clone vendetta. I think Leekie overriding Rachel and giving Cosima that stem cell treatment was real. I hope it’s real and Cosima does NOT die! 

Cal and Kira had a little side mission in the RV waiting for Sarah and bonding. Kira is even calling Cal “Daddy” at times and is over the name monkey, causing Sarah to smirk. A cop does come to check on them but Kira really saves the day. Cal does have a secret drawer that looks like a CIA flee box: gun, money, passports, etc. I’m not sure if Cal is bad news or likes to stay off the grid. A tiny bit of me thinks Cal may be part of Dyad (possible monitor) or the clone history (he is a scientist of sorts) but the fan part of me wants this to just be the trait of a paranoid person. I would now put all my attention and faith in Kira; she seems to be one smart cookie and way more than a normal girl. My guess is Kira has all the answers. 

We briefly saw Henrik’s daughter locked up and being punished for not accepting Helena and leading to her escape. This punishment included sewing Grace’s mouth shut until she talked. This season is amping up the horror motifs. I really hope Grace escapes the cult and Helena gets her revenge. They even threatened to place the fertilized egg in Grace to carry the baby instead of Helena…so creepy! Grace’s only hope is Helena return for revenge or Mark, who has quite a soft spot for the girl. 

This episode was a little all over the place and so is this review—fitting no? Sarah leaves Helena to be babysat by Felix who then passes her off to Art. A trying to be civilized Helena is a comedy of errors and boy does she love food. Art tried to rein her in and get information about Maggie Chen, which seems further back than one season that I barely remember her involvement. Helena does mention a Swan Man and Maggie’s locker. Of course, Helena escapes from Art’s hold and goes after Rachel. 

Sarah and Art track Helena down at a locker and uncover a picture of Swan Man (Rachel’s father), a doll missing some blond hair…and a sniper rifle case sans gun. Helena is perched across from Rachel’s apartment waiting to “fix the problem.” Also, Helena is hilariously role playing with a Barbie head and cutting its hair to look like Rachel. What makes this even creepier is Helena is watching Rachel and Paul going at it through the rifle scope. Sarah and Art arrive and try to talk her down from killing Rachel, but Helena makes a point for Sarah to look through binoculars to see what Paul and Rachel are up to. An emotional Sarah confesses her love/loss regarding Helena. I am not sure if this speech was the truth but it seemed heartfelt; it even made Helena cry, they hugged, and left hand in hand. A new alliance is formed yet unstable and psychotic, in a loving way. 

In the end, Sarah arranges a meeting with Leekie to trade information, without Rachel’s knowledge. Sarah reveals the picture of the Swan Man aka Rachel’s dad so Felix is released. Leekie promises to help a sick Cosima and continue treatment, which is news to Sarah. Leekie has Paul follow Sarah because Sarah and Helena are now off on a road trip to “Cold River. The place of screams.” Sounds like a blast, right? Hopefully, the next episode is a little more focused and Paul’s intentions become clearer. 

By Kasey Michael-a lover of all things entertainment. Born and bred in North Carolina, she has a degree in Film Studies and can usually be found in front of a screen. 

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