Pandemics, Warfare, and Survival: Oblivion Rouge VOL. 2 Release

The time has come folks for the much anticipated second volume of the hit series Oblivion Rouge, and this second installment bodes to be better than the first! The story picks up where the last volume left off.

Oumi has survived famine, tribal warfare, and a devastating virus. Now, in Oblivion Rouge, Volume 2, she must survive the brutal initiation of the Hakkinen, the mighty, armored army of this future African continent.

In the near future, a virus called the LEUP has infected half the population. The resulting war between the people of Liam, known as the infected, and the people of Galoum, known as the immune, becomes a bloody and brutal affair.

When a mysterious army called the Hakkinen emerges to quell the war between the two countries, they adopt children of war to aid them. Oumi and her friends are enlisted to help find a cure and end the bloodshed.

Several young recruits have died already, as the battle royal between them spared no one. Each young soldier has their own story to tell in this conflict. As a result, Oumi gambles that trying to unite those young initiates left alive may be the only way to defeat the Admirals entering as the contest’s final part.

With the looming threat of the supernatural enemy Hells, this conflict will be pivotal for Oumi, her friends, the future of Africa—and the entire world.

We had the chance to sit down with the man of the hour, Pap Souleye Fall, and get more insights into the story, character motivations, and parallels to the world at large.


Saturday AM: What was your thought process behind making the Hakkinen adopt children of war? How do you believe this impacts the narrative?

Pap Souleye Fall: I was reading about children of war in a lot of Central African countries at the time. I had ran into an article about someone who had survived through it all and was able to start a fund to support others who are in the position he was in. I was also thinking of Naruto which has a similar concept but wanted to make it a bit more sinister.

Saturday AM: Throughout the first volume of “Oblivion Rouge,” there are subtle hints about complicated relationships among Oumi and her friends. Can you delve deeper into these dynamics? How have these relationships evolved in the second volume and what challenges do they face given the brutal circumstances they find themselves in?

Pap Souleye Fall: I think the idea of making the initiation is to teach these kids that at any cost protect your own. Oumi in the beginning understands this concept but as she goes deeper into the Neverland space and faces stronger foes she realizes that working together and saving others is the key to survival.

Saturday AM: What are some challenges you faced while writing about such serious and heavy topics?

Pap Souleye Fall: For me, the serious nature of the comic lends itself to a dark aesthetic which I am very fond of. The only challenge has been to condense and rework certain scenes because of the American audience. The US has a very strict no violence ban on a lot of comics. This has made me have to censor certain parts of my work.

Saturday AM: How does Oblivion Rouge comment on current world affairs and human nature?

Pap Souleye Fall: It’s staring you right in the face, a lot of the world now is turning more towards fascism. As well as the euro centric superpowers that are trying to manipulate a lot of African countries. If you look at Mali for instance recently removing all of the French military. There is even conflict amongst ethnic groups created by extremists and the government isn’t stable enough to interfere. These things are happening. And after I saw how black panther wasn’t interested in issues like that happening within the continent I wanted to try to tell it my way.

Saturday AM: Finally, what message do you hope readers take away from Oblivion Rouge, Volume 2?

Pap Souleye Fall: I hope that this second Volume gets people really excited! Volume 1 was pretty good but volume 2 is my best work! I hope to get even better come volume 3.


A huge thank you to Pap for taking the time for a quick interview with us and an even bigger congratulations on the successful launch of the second volume! We are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the future trajectory of this story, especially keen to see how Oumi and her allies navigate their way through the “hellish” conditions they find themselves in.

Buy Oblivion Rouge Volume 2 OUT NOW!

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