PILOT Manga GROWS in 2016

Hi everyone, we’re coming down to our finale of 2015 and it’s been a DOOZY of a year! 37 (soon to be 40) issues of our digital manga webcomic anthology has given me a ton of headaches but also, demonstrated a ton of legitimacy towards the vision I had when launching Saturday AM back in the summer of 2013. In that time, we’ve proudly published a premium magazine full of amazingly DIVERSE artists and writers from around the world from Nigeria’s APPLE BLACK to Hungary’s SAIGAMI and even American/ New Zealand collaboration — REMEDIUM+.

One of our best inventions since starting Saturday AM has been the advent of PILOT Manga

This community began as a means to allow us to efficiently review potential series that could join the Saturday AM family. It’s never easy to review tons of new talent submissions but given our belief in the amateur creator we simply didn’t want to just turn a deaf ear to inquests as so many companies do. Furthermore, we didn’t want to have an elusive set of criteria that saw creators send in material to just receive a “no” (if they even received confirmation).

 What it became is a true revolution for creators who are seeking to be treated LIKE CREATORS. By creating strictly enforced guidelines for submissions as well as by providing exhaustive critiques of each submission to our TEST FLIGHT program–we’ve been able to help change the conversation and path for webcomic creators. Though our TEST FLIGHT and TEST RUN programs (i.e. regular submissions periods) we have discovered and helped to develop creators within our sister publication: SATURDAY PLUS.

This second digital magazine is now approaching issue 15 and has given opportunities to Leonardo Massip of ISLANDERS, Frederick Ward of COMETMAN, Christopher Krady of MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA and many many more!

Our approach is not for everyone but our commitment to the larger webcomic community is without question. 

We have BIG PLANS to grow our PILOT Manga community. First up, our YOUTUBE channel. Next year, we’ll be enhancing the relationship between Saturday AM and PILOT Manga to our Youtube experience with better quality videos as well as BRAND NEW, EXCLUSIVE HOW TO VIDEOS!

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been fortunate to build a solid, small but growing amount of staff from Editorial to Marketing to Design and now, Video. Our video partners, German and Tyler continue our tradition of identifying diverse, talented new creators to be given REAL RESPONSIBILITY and PUSHED TO SUCCEED in lieu of more established, conservative talent. Fansyndrome is a group that I have tremendous faith in this and other videos which we’ll launch in the next few days will help to set the tone for our plans in 2016.


Frederick L. Jones

Publisher, Saturday AM

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