Revisiting the Leaf Village: ‘The Whorl within the Spiral’ REVIEW

Oh man, the amount of Naruto related content we have been getting lately is insane!  We’ve just welcomed another brilliant piece from the creative powerhouse, Masashi Kishimoto, with his latest one-shot – THE WHORL WITHIN THE SPIRAL.

This narrative puts the spotlight on Minato, father of Naruto, as he relentlessly works on crafting and refining a new jutsu, intended to serve as a shield for both his village and his beloved. Concurrently, we get a glimpse into the life of Kushina, the former vessel of the Nine-Tailed Fox, who had to be sealed away to keep the powerful creature at bay. This one-shot profoundly underscores the blooming romance between the future parents of our favorite, knuckle-headed ninja, Naruto.

Our team loved this fresh take, relishing the opportunity to peek into the lesser-explored younger years of these pivotal characters. Here are some thoughts and reactions from our staff about the one-shot.

“Yessir i loved it”

“I thought it was great!”

“Nostagia for days!”

“I read it. Thought it was great. Love getting to see the background to key relationships. Also, you know my boy is the RIZZLER. Boy was developing the Rizzengan all chapter.”


Where Can You Read the One-shot?

good question the official translation is up on Shonen Jump and Manga Plus. Go check em out!

Oh and if you’re looking for more content to get your shonen manga fix check out our incredible line of Graphic Novels right HERE! 

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