Andrea Otilia Voros (aka Seny) has joined Saturday AM EXCLUSIVELY and her hit manga webcomic is slated to appear in our 4th issue (2.22.14). With the adventure, romance and action of the manga classic, InuYasha, Saigami introduces Saturday AM fans to our first lead heroine. A young woman who is heir to a destiny that includes elemental powers and…DRAGONS.

Today (Valentine’s day) we wanted to provide you plenty of opportunities for getting into our next great manga. 

Enjoy some exclusive chances to get Saturday AM #4 next week (which you can guarantee by subscribing here) throughout the day.



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  1. Man Saturday Am is really gonna get big and I can’t wait to see saigami in the magazine! Speaking of which I haven’t gotten my free subscription yet. Any word on when ill be getting it?

  2. Whats this all about? im really lost now…,now we can read the manga here?? i feel like an idiot. (sob) can sombody explain….pweeez.

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