Saigami’s Seny Doney is Illustrating The False Hero by Michael Plymel!

And I’m back with another banger! Call me Floyd Mayweather cause I’m coming with all the hits! Hopefully that one didn’t knock you out. Okay.. my bad, no more puns. *clears throat*

Our very own Seny Doney author of the stellar series Saigami is illustrating popular isekai novel The False Hero by Michael Plymel!

Just a synopsis of the story according to Good Reads: “Disillusioned businessman, John Lawrence Locke, finds himself summoned as a hero to another world, filled with monsters and magic! With his body reverted to the age of fifteen, the thirty-three-year-old’s mind is filled with the possibility of battles and adventures, like the ones in his favorite video games.

Illustration by Seny
Illustration by Hugieli

Unfortunately for him, life isn’t always so convenient. Betrayed by the very people who summoned him, he’s condemned as the False Hero and forced to flee for his life. Alone in an unfamiliar world and hunted by all of humanity, he takes on the alias of Lutz and uses his gaming knowledge to quickly adapt to the world’s strangely game-like mechanics.

The series is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible so save a puppy and check it out!

We are so proud of Seny and their accomplishments! We even received a sneak peek of her work below!

And don’t forget to check out Saigami Vol. 1, OUT NOW, and our others graphic novels!

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