SATURDAY AM heroes as new BLOWN UP PUNCHES collectibles from Jaberwocky Toys NOW at Hot Topic.

SATURDAY AM heroes as new BLOWN UP PUNCHES collectibles from Jaberwocky Toys NOW at Hot Topic.

Since launching in 2013, Saturday AM has emerged as the World’s MOST DIVERSE MANGA brand with fans and exclusive creators from around the World.

The digital manga magazine has over 100 issues of our flagship shonen brand while recently having expanded into additional genres and demographics with Saturday PM (seinen / older males) and Saturday BRUNCH (josei /older female and LGBTQ). The popularity of our brand has been explosive as it has driven the belief of many young artists who now know that they can create ORIGINAL COMICS and have them adapted into media. In 2020, Saturday AM has been adapted into a STICKER APP, PRINT MAGAZINE, and APPAREL.

We’re HONORED to have a new line of UNIQUE COLLECTIBLES from new company, JABBERWOCKY TOYS.

These BLOWN UP PUNCHES are SO COOL and can be posed, displayed, and TWIRLED into BATTLE. Standing at 6”, the figures have already received GREAT RECOGNITION by POPINSIDER as one of the BEST GEEK TOYS of 2020!!

While this line will continue to build our 1st assortment consists of three of our most pugilistic creator-owned anime characters with APPLE BLACK by Whyt Manga, BULLY EATER by Raymond Brown, and MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER WORLD OF GHOSTS by Oscar Fong. That said, these are LIMITED EDITIONS and will cease once all units are bought.

WANT TO BUY THEM ALL?? HURRY and GET THEM either via Jabberwocky or HOT TOPIC stores!




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