Well, not quite but you can now make OFFICIAL SATURDAY AM CHIBI’S with one of the most popular Chibi creation apps on the Apple App Store.

Saturday AM’s 1st OFFICIALLY LICENSED product is the Chibi Studio sticker app for IOS!

Saturday AM’s 1st OFFICIALLY LICENSED product is the Chibi Studio sticker app for IOS!

That’s right, Saturday AM launched the diverse manga movement in 2013 and now, in 2020, we’re about to take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

We inspired a number of artists to band together and create digital magazines and while few lasted, we were happy to expose them to our Frankenstein method of PUBLISHING (i.e. GUMROAD, SQUARESPACE, even OVERNIGHT PRINTING).

Now, it’s time to start the next trend – LICENSING.

Saturday AM characters will pop up in a number of products in the next 11 months and will continue to build a brand from digital to retail stores across the world!

Our 1st, effort is CHIBI STUDIO. 

One of the MOST POPULAR CHIBI CREATION APPS on the MOST SUCCESSFUL  APP STORE in the World has chosen the World’s MOST DIVERSE MANGA COMICS anthology to officially carry OUR CHARACTERS and our ARTISTS.

You can design your own chibi’s using:

-Whyt Manga’s APPLE BLACK

-Raymond Brown’s BULLY EATER

-Andrea Doney’s SAIGAMI


-Jeyodin’s HAMMER

-Morganne Walker’s SOUL BEAT

and Jones (with art by Lamar) CLOCK STRIKER!!

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