SATURDAY AM Countdown to 2016

After a hectic few days and a frantic finish to the year (and our 40th issue!!)…

Saturday AM is unwrapping the best gift of all! 

Now, hopefully you checked out our PILOT Manga video yesterday because it’s truly one of our most important innovations of 2014 and an ESSENTIAL part of our strategy for 2016! As I stated then, PILOT Manga has not just brought us amazing new talent to join our little revolution but it has also proven that the Saturday AM method is one that works! 

The simple fact of the matter is that we’re NOT trying to be like the other webcomic companies out there. I’ve never imagined this brand to be anything more than it is — a very different entertainment company focused on UNIQUE (aka DIVERSE) VOICES in SPECULATIVE FICTION. This is why we’re called MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC and not Crazy Comics, LLC or something 馃槈

We use “MANGA” as a house style because it’s pleasing to our sensibilities, is popular and offers many unique qualities towards storytelling but I REJECT the idea manga has to be from Japan (i.e. it’s literal translation is comics, folks–which is a Western invention). I REJECT the notion that manga has to star characters who are one ethnicity and/or blend.  

Our comics are vibrant and full of personality because they are made by men and women of various nationalities, ages and racial/ cultural backgrounds.


In 2016, we’re going to be unveiling several new upgrades to our YOUTUBE channel. It will include more dedicated content from ALL Saturday AM series as well as our creators. We hope this will continue our MISSION of bringing both our brand of manga webcomics and commitment to diversity to the masses. 

JOIN US by reading, SUBSCRIBING and SHARING OUR WEBSITE with friends, families (and hell, even enemies).

Our REVOLUTION gets real in 2016!

Frederick L. Jones

Publisher, Saturday AM

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