Saturday AM #144

SATURDAY AM #144 IS HERE! We continue our 2022 celebration with ANOTHER NEW ISSUE full of NEW MANGA! PROTECT, MARRY, KILL by @LIENPENG_ART debuts in this issue and the Australian creator brings a romantic, funny, shonen story to the pages hot of it its’ PILOT chapter in 2021’s #summerofmanga! METAL SOULS by @dd.markk heats things up Kaine being admitted into the kick-ass Kaiju extinction unit. But will he survive the experience? FROST X FIRE by @neomangaart really excited people with its’ 1st installment last issue and NOW, well, we’re going to learn more about the climate change affecting the mysterious teenager Miko’s world. And how about something FAMILIAR and POPULAR?? Alexis Stokes writes about DEMON SLAYER Season 2! So, stop sitting around and CHECK THIS OUT!

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