Our long awaited LIGHT NOVEL line dedicated to diverse creators, characters, and stories with the same authentic japanese manga-inspired feel.
And we couldn’t kick this line off without bringing OUR BIG GUNS!

Expect the 1st set of novels to involve stories set in the worlds of APPLE BLACK (2024) and CLOCK STRIKER (2025). And there’s more…just like Saturday AM has discovered amazing new artists from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas — we TOO will be searching for up and coming WRITERS! Details are soon to follow!

But feel free to let us KNOW which LIGHT NOVELS you READ currently and what type of content you’d like for us to release. And of course, if YOU ARE A WRITER — shoot us a comment below!
We’re looking for writers who have published fan fiction, blogs, articles, and or novels (self-published is fine).


Keep your eyese locked here at

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  1. Mind if I fire the opening salvo? (you did ask to shoot a question, after all)
    Firstly, hello from Portugal! From a year-and-a-half-years-old age, reading has been my most avid hobby. When Japanese culture entered my life at a young age, I started dreaming about creating those same worlds to express my memories and share them with others, but with a flair that echoed our literature.
    In November 2020, that dream’s first step was realized by publishing the first book of my original action-adventure novel, Vallis Code: The Valley’s Vigilantes, through local publisher Artelogy. It would be an honor to join Saturday AM’s European cast to help bridge the gap between those who love reading and those who love seeing to believe! Thank you kindly.

  2. Hello Saturday Am, I’m an Indie light novel author from Texas, and it would be an honor to have my novels published with you guys . I too, am a big anime fan and love Japanese culture as well, so I hope you guys check out my series .

    1. Thank you for your comment! We would love to check out your series however our annual Summer of Manga event where we accept submissions has passed. Learn more about it right HERE

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