Saturday AM Annual Artist Profile: Ange Rosales (Faro)

The spotlight on our Saturday AM Annual artists shines on! Today, we’re turning our attention to the exceptional Ange Rosales (Faro), who stunned us during last year’s #summerofmanga with “Don’t Lose Your Head.” This year, Faro gifts us with a brilliant one-shot for Yellow Stringer, having had the opportunity to join forces with original masterminds Frederick L. Jones and Geoffrey Jean-Louis. Dive into Faro’s reflections on her journey!

How was your experience crafting content for this year’s edition of the Saturday AM Annual? Were there any moments that stood out to you?

“It was a very fun experience and one it made me polish certain drawing skills. Dealing with an editor was something new for me! What I liked the most was making a controversial and evil character as the “protagonist.”

What message or emotion do you hope readers will take away from your contribution to the Annual?

“Enjoy it! It addresses an issue we women deal with everyday, so it’s good if you feel a little angry when you see the villain.”

Can you share any behind-the-scenes moments or challenges you faced while developing your story?

“I had to draw Naomi dozens of times before the one shot because, honestly, I couldn’t achieve her expressions and appearance! Unlike Tony, I drew him only 2 times and I already captured his appearance easier.”

For those who worked on preexisting Saturday am titles How did you balance paying homage to the original character’s essence while also imprinting your unique style and voice?

“IT WAS A CHALLENGE. Naomi is a character with a very cute personality and appearance and I couldn’t get her to be cute like the original (my respects to Goeffrey).
The character I enjoyed drawing the most was Jo ❤
I think Goeffrey and I have similar styles so it felt like doing my own characters.”

Are there particular artists or illustrators, whether from Saturday AM or elsewhere, that have influenced your work?

“Goeffrey, the artist of Yellow Stringer, I honestly love his style when creating character designs.
Also my Summer of Manga colleagues: Han with her clean and magical drawings,Erick with his already professional level mangaka style, and Tapiwa with his crazy lines and perspectives.”

A massive shoutout to Ange (Faro) for sharing her artistic journey with us. We’re eagerly waiting to dive into her one-shot. Snap up those preorders while they last!


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