Saturday AM Annual Artist Profile: Raymond Brown

Our celebration of Saturday AM Annual artists continues with a special feature! Today, we’re spotlighting the dynamic Raymond Brown – not only Frederick’s right-hand but also the co-founder of Saturday AM. Beyond creating the captivating AM series “Bully Eater,” Raymond is the powerhouse behind various behind-the-scenes roles, from design to operations. This year, he’s gracing the Annual’s pages with a dedicated “Bully Eater” short story. Here’s Raymond, sharing insights on his creative journey:

How was your experience crafting content for this year’s edition of the Saturday AM Annual? Were there any moments that stood out to you?

“I literally had to blow the dust off of my Wacom Tablet. It’s been more than 2 years since I’ve drawn any new Bully Eater pages, so getting back in the artist seat was fun and nostalgic.”

What message or emotion do you hope readers will take away from your contribution to the Annual?

“With this installment, I wanted to create a fun one-and-done experience featuring Isao. Readers haven’t seen him in action in quite a bit, so the goal was to have him doing what he does best. Laying the smackdown on bullies!”

Can you share any behind-the-scenes moments or challenges you faced while developing your story?

“Nailing the villain’s power and look was tough. I knew off the jump that I wanted his power to revolve around drums but had trouble tying it to a theme. I decided that I wanted to give him a god complex which led me to research the Japanese mythical god Rajin. This god is known for beating a huge drum. That was a “ding” moment for me.”

Are there particular artists or illustrators, whether from Saturday AM or elsewhere, that have influenced your work?

“I draw influence from too many artists to name. Lately, I’ve been drawing most of my inspiration from my fellow AM creators.”

A massive shoutout to Raymond Brown for giving us the inside scoop on his story within this year’s Annual. Bully Eater fans eager for more martial arts mayhem with Isao, rejoice! Saturday AM Annual 2024 releases TOMORROW!


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