Saturday AM at Animate! Raleigh 2024!

Calling all fans in the Raleigh Durham area! Saturday AM will be featured guests at the Animate! convention hosted by Galaxycon! This weekend will be jam-packed with all things animation, cosplay, and so much more!


the Raleigh Convention Center January 5 – 7, 2024



Catch the dynamic Saturday AM lineup featuring – Jey Odin creator of HAMMER, Morganne Walker creator of SOUL BEAT, and Frederick L. Jones creator of CLOCK STRIKER.



But wait, there’s more! Rub shoulders with renowned voice actors like Johnny Yong Bosch, known for his roles as Adam the black ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Ichigo in Bleach, and Vash the Stampede in Trigun.


And don’t miss Nadji Jeter, the talented voice actor behind various iterations of Miles Morales, including his recent performances in Spiderman: Miles Morales and Spiderman 2 for PlayStation.

Thats not even the tip of the iceberg! CHECK OUT THE FULL GUEST LIST HERE We’re thrilled to connect with our fans and share the excitement. Come out and join us for a weekend filled with fun and unforgettable experiences! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Get your tickets now!




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