Saturday AM Events: Saigami Book Signing!! UPDATE

This Weekend Seny – Creator of Saigami, went to a book signing for Saigami Vol 1.  hosted by Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop! 

It was a huge success and Seny had an amazing time – here’s what she had to say:

“Overall it was a wonderful event, customers ranging in all sorts of age groups from teens to grandparents. The employees of the store were incredibly kind, and it was amazing to see that they weren’t just formally polite with me but were genuinely excited about the book and my works, too. The sign on the table was prepared by them along with the cute little Chibigon fanart on it. They also put a dragon model next to the signing desk to set the mood and greeted me with a pack of dragon themed drinks – fitting for Saigami. 馃槂

In general what really surprised me is that whenever I said it’s manga, it’s not a foreign term anymore. Everyone knows what it is, even if vaguely, and everyone knows someone who’s into manga. I had a handful of elder customers getting the book for grandkids. It was delightful to see that manga now really has become mainstream.”

– Seny

A big thank you to Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop for putting together such a lovely event – and to all the fans that came out for the signing!



CLICK HERE to purchase Saigami Vol. 1

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